Meet our Technical Experts

Through Better Plants, partners receive support from Technical Account Managers (TAMs) who help facilities develop energy management plans, identify energy-saving opportunities, and track energy performance metrics. In addition to assisting partners with their energy management goals, the TAMs are also subject-matter experts in a variety of technology focus areas. Explore their areas of expertise, below.

Kristina Armstrong

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Analysis
MEASUR Tool Suite
Techno-Economic Analysis

Subodh Chaudhari

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Process Heating
Steam Systems
Waste Reduction and Circular Economy

Paulomi Nandy

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Energy Tool Development
50001 Ready
Carbon Reduction Targets

Sachin Nimbalkar

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Process Heating
Heat Waste Management
Smart Manufacturing

Chris Price

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HVAC Systems
Control System Designs
Smart Manufacturing

Senthill Sundaramoorthy

Process Cooling and Refrigeration

Kiran Thirumaran

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Compressed Air
Process Heating
Energy Performance Calculation

Thomas Wenning

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Decarbonization Strategies
Steam & Fans
Energy-Systems Software